Why Nutritional Therapy?

How can nutritional therapy help you?

Nutritional Therapy uses the latest research and theories in nutrition, to help and maintain the body’s health, through diet and lifestyle choices in order to manage chronic diseases and optimal health. 


The body is considered as a whole, not as a sum of our symptoms, taking into account the many different factors, physiological and emotional, that contribute to our wellbeing. 


Nutritional Therapy can help alleviate and manage a wide range of conditions, on its own, and by supporting conventional medicine. 


I recognise that you are an individual with a unique physiological make-up and with unique dietary and nutritional requirements. I will look at each of your body systems, and examine how they may relate to your health. We will discuss your medical history, and that of your family, your food choices, and lifestyle factors. I will work with you to provide personalised and practical support. My recommendations will be targeted to your requirements, easy to follow, individually tailored to your likes, dislikes, and unique to you. 


The Consultation Process

This Initial Consultation takes approximately 75 minutes, during which time we discuss everything concerning you and your health. We will talk about the steps that we will put in progress to help you realise your health goals, and prepare you to put the first ones in place. We will discuss testing and supplementation if necessary. Within 4 days you will receive your next individualised recommendations on food choices, and lifestyle suggestions. Where appropriate, I will provide meal ideas, or recipes, and practical tips for moving towards a healthier lifestyle. We will be in contact throughout the programme to deal with any challenges, to give you next steps, and to help you stay accountable. 


I believe that good nutrition can come from foods, but when this is not possible, or nutritional needs are not being met in the short term, supplements may be recommended.



Sometimes (but not always) biochemical laboratory testing can be recommended. This is to help assess nutritional status, functional capacity and inherited strengths and weaknesses. GP’s may be able to carry out these, or private testing labs may be suggested. This is at an extra cost, and may not be within everybody’s budgetary constraints.