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When things go wrong, they are actually going right

We think that we can change behaviour from one day to the next, like when we start a new exercise plan. We make the decision to exercise 3 times per week, we get out the trainers, buy some new gear and we are ready to go… But then life gets in the way. We have an errand to run, we have a bad night’s sleep, or we just can’t be bothered.

Why is it so difficult to change?

It’s NOT because you don’t have willpower.

It’s NOT because you have no self discipline.

It’s because change is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Looking at this image of the Cycle Of Change. The bit that’s important to notice is that between each stage, we fall back into old patterns of behaviour. Lapses are a very typical and normal part of the learning process. As we work out which strategies work for us, or we uncover barriers we didn’t know existed, that’s when we will successfully change our behaviours.

When my clients are despondent that they are finding change difficult, and things keep going wrong, I explain that this is actually a good thing. We want it to go wrong. When it goes wrong, you can learn from it, and see what you need to do differently.

So if you are finding change difficult, don’t give up. See what you can do differently.

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