Nutritional Therapy

“I feel better. I have lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. Most of all I don't have this big urge to just go back to how I was eating before.”


How can Nutritional Therapy help you?

Nutritional Therapy uses the latest research and theories about which food will nourish us so that we maintain our health and growth.

Nutritional Therapy can help alleviate and manage a wide range of conditions, on its own, and by supporting conventional medicine. 

Weight loss is not just about the food we put in our mouth, and this is where nutritional therapy can help. So many other factors can be involved. These include our emotions and beliefs around food, from messages that we were given about eating while we were growing up, or whether or not food was a reward for certain behaviours or events. It could be as simple as a tactless remark made to us when we were young that has stayed with us into adulthood. And physical factors such as how we sleep, how we are coping with stress, our hormones or any underlying physical issues, can really affect our weight.

Using my nutritional therapy skills we will look at the whole picture, taking into account the many different factors, physiological and emotional, that contribute to wellbeing. 

My recommendations will be targeted to your requirements, easy to follow, individually tailored to your likes, dislikes, and unique to you. 


What is NT

"I highly recommend Lisa as a Nutritional therapist because she talks sense, it is not a diet, it is a way of life which is completely attainable."


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