How I can help you?

“I feel better. I have lost inches and my clothes are fitting better. Most of all I don't have this big urge to just go back to how I was eating before.”


How can I help you?

When we begin working together, we will always begin with a focus on nutrition. Not to judge what you’re eating, or to tell you that you can’t eat certain foods (unless they are compromising a specific health condition), but because this is a stable building block on which to progress.

When you aren’t getting enough nourishment or you have a physical condition, it can have a physiological effect on your body, such as increasing cravings, lead to low mood, disturb your sleep… When we feel tired, low, or are craving something, we often find comfort in food. We will be focusing on which foods your body needs and which foods we can add to what you eat already to stop your body reacting this way. 

But our relationship with food is not just dependent on what we eat. So many other factors can be involved. These include:

  • Our emotions
  • Our beliefs around food
  • Stress
  • Our habits
  • Our relationships
  • Body image

We will be identifying those areas that play a part in how you eat and break them down, piece by piece. 

By working with me, you will learn how to eat nutritiously most of the time and have built a healthy relationship around food.

What is NT

"I highly recommend Lisa as a Nutritional therapist because she talks sense, it is not a diet, it is a way of life which is completely attainable."


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