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My name is Lisa Unger and I want to introduce myself to you. 


My number 1 thing in life (apart from my family) is food. Any event, any celebration, any get together, the first thing I think about, is what food can I make.


I have always loved it, cooking it, experimenting with it, and definitely eating it. In my teens I ate too much of the bad stuff, and ended up 5 ½ stone overweight. I was a secret eater. The minute the kitchen was clear, I’d be there eating. And I could never have just 1 biscuit. I would eat the packet. 














For years I tried every diet going: low carb, no carb, counting calories, starvation, injections, weight watchers, slimming world ….. The list goes on.  Dieting took over my life, and I really didn’t like myself very much. I remember crying at my uncles wedding because I had no clothes that fitted me, and I hadn’t wanted to go through the ordeal of shopping, I remember being shouted at, in a restaurant, because I ate a chip. ‘Did I really need to be eating that… wasn’t I big enough already’. I used to wear mens jumpers because at least they were loose. I got to the point I couldn’t go on like this any more, and I had to find another way to eat that's healthy, sustainable, but also meant I could still eat the food I love. That is when I first became interested in making healthier food choices for the long term, understanding my emotions behind eating, and changing my lifestyle. I gradually lost the weight, and it’s never gone back on. 


Always a keen cook, I began a catering company. I delivered pre prepared dinner party food to my clients, and gluten free and diabetic sweet treats to local businesses. At this time, my daughter developed Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliacs Disease. It was devastating to watch her struggle, not only nutritionally, but emotionally as well.


This has led me to retraining as a nutritional therapist, and it's the best thing I've ever done. It was fascinating to learn how all the body’s systems are connected, by nutrients and food, and how they all work together. 


Whether you have a significant medical condition, or are just not feeling yourself, small consistent changes to your diet and lifestyle can lead to enormous benefits. Some changes have an effect within a few days or weeks, whereas other issues may take a longer time to improve. 


Putting what I learnt into practice has left me feeling revitalised, less stressed, more energised,  I have been able to bring together this love of food, healthy living and supporting other people. And I am still a foodie!

I look forward to meeting you. 

Best Wishes


Lisa Unger Nutrition

BSc Hons | dipCNM | mBANT | rCNHC

- "I got to the point I couldn’t go on like this any more, and I had to find another way to eat that's healthy, sustainable, but also meant I could still eat the food I love" -


Anon, Watford

I would recommend Lisa Unger Nutrition to a friend, as sometimes we are not able to realise ourselves that one simple change could make a big difference. Lisa made the plan easy to follow, and having someone point me in the right direction really helped. 

Anon, Radlett

I would say that Lisa really helped me to find solutions to the problems I was experiencing in a steady, supportive, easy and manageable format that made a big positive difference to my life and health. 

Valerie, St Albans

Lisa is a very competent and thorough practitioner with a gentle approach.  When I attended her clinic she was able to elicit information effectively from me and use it to provide nutritional advice and direction which I found very beneficial and relieved my symptoms.  I felt confident throughout my sessions with her and would not hesitate to consult with her again or indeed recommend her to anyone looking for a natural and holistic therapeutic solution.