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Taking weight off your mind

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first steps

Reset your weight and your health.

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long term

Find a sustainable way to eat for life?

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permanent change

Extra support for change.

“Lisa gave supportive advice in small easy steps, to improve my overall attitude towards nutrition and lifestyle, in a kind, supportive, encouraging and gentle way”

Client H

“If you want to change your relationship with food, you couldn't have a more knowledgeable or more lovely person to help you than Lisa. I couldn't believe that no food was off limits. Lisa was available to me whenever I needed her.”

Client L

“Lisa's recipes introduced me to foods and meals that I hadn't considered before, to healthy, super-tasty combinations and how to be more creative with good healthy ingredients. I can't recommend Lisa enough.

Client S

“Lisa's gentle yet incredibly supportive and knowledgeable approach has helped me lose weight, and more importantly keep it off, and not succumb to food as a comfort. I couldn't have done it without Lisa.”

Client L

“Lisa offers a simple change in attitude and approach and so many useful tips to help develop a heathy sustainable diet. I a looking forward to enjoying good health without the constant nagging guilt of over indulgence”


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